Black Mesa


why the hell is there no easy difficulty, how am i supposed to enjoy the game when a soldiers kills me with two shotgun shots

EVERYONE LOOK WHAT CROWBAR COLLECTIVE JUST DROPPED! WERE GETTING THE FUCKIN GEARBOX GAMES BABY!!!!! (and i swear if they arent going to get the blue shift mod team on this then i will fucking explode)

cut together all areas where the thunderstorm can be seen in BM concealed information, its very moody so give it a listen, i love the work done in this mod and its just generally a different vibe, i hope the person who made that mod reaches out and gives a very cool comment here, enjoy :) quick note on what i think the NPC convo from those security guards was: i think BM equipment and personnel was preparing for the thunderstorm just to adjust for all of it, which adds to much more immersion wh…


Does anyone know what Gas Mask the HECU on BM use? GPT said a modified M15 but a Gas Mask wiki says Half S10. I think they're a german type but i dont exactly know. If anyone could help me it would be greatly appreciated.


I was able to make something really cool. Incremental VPK changes. In the next update, modders will be able to drag and drop files into mounted VPKs. Now I'm modifying the editors to let modders edit the files in the vpks instead of writing loose files when you hit Save. This is essential to support Portal 2 and Black Mesa modding, as well as Source 2.