Combine Soldier 7412a

Combine Soldier 7412a


I am OTA unit number 7412, I lead squads in Universal Union operations.

Joined 4 Feb 2023
City 17
One Year
One Year
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(Rate my Breen Speech) “Dear Dr. Breen, Who is the Combine, truly, at their core? Sincerely, a loyal citizen” Thank you for writing. The Combine, as a whole, is a universal union that brings unity to the worlds beyond the stars, and beyond our understanding. Worlds that seem impossible to exist within our limited minds prosper together underneath the Combine’s graceful and benevolent directive. It is worth noting that the Combine units you have seen in our world, whether that be on your block, or during the dark hours all those years ago, is merely a glimpse at the cosmic, ever-present Union which persists in its goals to spread true peace. I have touched previously on the heart and motive of the Combine, so I’ll summarize; The Combine strives to protect worlds from the inescapable dangers of war and those dangers inherent in our universe, such as instinct and the simple, stupid impulses of a human. They have shown us the light. We work our way there, building the staircase to t…