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The developers of the Half-life 2 mod "Outcast" recently posted this update:… In it they detail a side-project they are working on. A choice they made with it was to include a few child characters, since the project they are working on predates Half-life 2 chronologically and that is possible. Another choice they made was to have zombified versions of said children as well, which to me makes logical sense, headcrabs are animals they don't have notions like "don't hurt the child", they just want to... well, eat. One person in the comments disliked the addition of headcrabbed children, and there was a conversation about it afterwards; that made me wonder, what would it have been like if Valve *did* include children in Half-life 2? How do you feel about that idea in general? I think perhaps they dodged a bullet, since it may have made Half-life 2 a little bit controversial, depending on what happens to them, it's …


I'm not sure if there's a list anywhere that compiles all of the Entropy: Zero related mods and projects going on at the moment, I was actually looking for such a thing myself, because Prospekt: Zero flew under my radar and was brought to my attention when a port was posted on the EZ2 workshop, but I couldn't find such a list, so I decided to try to get it all compiled myself: --For EZ1: EZ: Uprising… Episode 1 has been released, further episodes(plural?) in dev. Prospekt: Zero An extended demo is out, and the mod is apparently being ported to the EZ2 build; a port of that demo for EZ2 has been independently made in the meantime, but it has some issues, Citizen⁵ in the comments seems to have found a way to make it work:… --For EZ2: Isolation Zero Still in development Contaminat…