From the eyes of an artist, Valve to me is like that art kid/artist/prodigy in general that makes a row of amazing, hit stuff, has an absolutely glorious golden era, go all out and then just BOOM gets this burnout they can't shake, that thing where they're waiting for the right moment that might never come, are known and praised for mostly past achievements and have kinda stopped caring or something and their creativity fatigue just grows. I don't wanna believe they have stopped caring, I want to believe there is SOMETHING, a tiny seed of something cooking up back there and I SURE hope that golden era wasn't the last chance I and many others missed to witness firsthand when they joined in late.


They're the burntout artist experimenting with new mediums. Valve, as in the creatives at, have prolonging software development for hardware development, and are starting to work software after finally getting another Half-Life game out. Also Steam Deck's pretty good, or so I hear.

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Alyx gave us hope...


Yeah, and I hope it doesn't just end there