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I have been a Half Life fan since 2020 (got into it kinda late I suppose lol) and I really enjoy making fanart pieces.

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Alright, after seeing a random Nextbot meme video, I enquired the thing a little more, finding various chase videos... I don't have a PC of my own, the PC doesn't have GMod but I already know damn well I wouldn't last 50 fricking seconds with Obunga. WTF IS THAT WHO CAME UP WITH IT Don't get me wrong, the whole concept is amazing and fun, happy it exists. BUT WHO PREDICTED A SPEEDING PNG IN A STRUCTURE MAP WOULD BE MORE TERRIFYING THAN HORROR MOVIES OR SOMETHING, LIKE, JESUS CHRIST, THAT THING IS CURSED Don't get me started on the jumpscare and the constant speeding chase, whlever lasts so long is a god

This community is absolutely crazy, we're like these geek weirdos that will never grow out of something as long as we can still keep it in life, we're like this pot that has been forgotten in some corner of the kitchen but is still boiling furiously. Like, look here, we still post memes about a beloved game that was made in 1998, we still make SFMs and stuff with the same 2004 graphics (and some with Alyx graphics but okay) I love you guys, never let this here die


Fellas, what was yoir first time playing HL2, can you recall? Wasn't it so very intriguing when you get off the train and catch the first impressions of this gray and oppressed city? You see those Metrocops for the first time, being everywhere, and you wanna know what they do here. You meet the Resistance and your old pal, you see how resisting activity is alive but still yet, empty streets, no children, Combine bustling into blocks to compromise supposed threats. It's all so beautiful


Just a quick little something for the creators of this masterpiece of a website, uhhh, if it's easy for you could you please add the option to edit an already existing comment of ours instead of staright up delete it? I mean, you can just copy paste, delete and change it but like, an editing option would be great, thank you.

Ok but like, guys have you stopped to consider just what the fricking hell is going on during Half Life 2? There's rebel activity subtly boiling under this all watching, all oppressing, all conquering force, rebels just under the nose of their patrols. Doing what? God knows, probably safekeeping a hidden passage for newcomers and trying to find a safer place. Somewhere in the sky, there's this voice that commands units on the first flicker of danger. Some crazy and eager lad is dressed as a metro cop and casually operates and observes undercover for the Resistance. Meanwhile, the scientist he takes care of and his friend are doing whole teleportation tests between a lab just some kilometers from the Citadel and a small base somewhere in the canals. A rural little village has gone to hell, but wait, there's still this crazed priest that has made his life's goal to send every cursed creature in heaven. Then here comes the star of the show, a 27 y/o lad that has somehow remained 27 and is…

Aight so, you kniw how in Black Mesa in Xen you encounter some things in the water with little plant tentackes and should they catch you, they drag you down? Yeah those, I HATE them, like, you'll have to spend bullets on them so you can swim freely. What are they, anyway? Water barnacles? Hydro-cles


Listen here, dear Valve. If you're saving the Half Life sequel for the next level technology, I have an idea for ya. We need a game where qe continue as Barney from where Blue Shift left it. We wanna know what happened to Rosenberg, Simons and Walter, if they died, where they are. We wanna see how Barney got to City-17, met Eli and Kleiner, witnessed the cat experiment and how he started operating undercover. AND FINALLY WHERE ON HEAVEN THAT TRAIN TOOK HIM


Have you ever stumbled across a pack of Houndeyes sleeping together in Black Mesa Xen? I have. I don't remember the chapter but at some point I was rushing down a lushy tunnel and stopped at like two meters from a few Houndeyes, gathered and sleeping sound. I just walked away quietly, praying I did not rouse them. And the thing is they were the red explosive ones! Does anyone know their official name? I call them Explosive Doggies. I've searched images and info on them but found almost nothing.


Just saying, out of boredom: isn't Black Mesa Xen gorgeous? Like, the colors and everything. Have you noticed those weird, levitating bubble thingies that fly to you and surround you the moment they see you? Idk, this really excites me. And the green-blue glow of that healing fluid

Okay at this point, I'm drawing listening to Overwatch lines. Anyone else here finding Ellen McLain's Overwatch voice beautiful and calming?