Your Average HECU Soldier
Your Average HECU Soldier
Your Average HECU Soldier

Your Average HECU Soldier


I wish Sergeant Barnes could see me now!

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Just played HL2VR and it is AMAZING. (Not perfect but hey it came out today...) Had lots of fun until my quest died halfway through route kannal. Only suggestion might be to get rid of the "pullback" for when you are reloading the pistol. I find this annoying as when I go to steady my hand to aim, it gets rid of one or two bluuets cause my fingers touch the trigger. Maybe just have to player push the Y/B buttons to ready the gun. But besides that, great game! Honestly, this could go for an entirely new game. Will this become the new Black Mesa Source? Idk. Only time will tell.

Hey LambdaGenerators, I'm not sure which topic to post this under so I will just post it without one. To start off, I know that there are a lot of graphic designers/artist on this website, and all of their work looks great. I have been working on a Half-Life related story for a few years now (I have posted about it a few times before on here) and am looking to have it published. It's not anything big; no masterpiece, but I was wondering whether or not anybody on here would be potentially willing to do some cover-art for me. Like I said, it's nothing super official or huge, and the work would be volunteer and therefore unpaid. (Of course you would have the compensation on having your art featured on the front page as well as your user/given name. Honestly I don't expect many people to be interested in this much, but if anyone is then I can give them contact info and explain more to them then. Now go play Gmod cuz its good for you.


Well I'll be at school for when Multiverse launches, but I guess then I'll have something to look forwards to. Can't wait to see what great ideas the devs had! See you all in the multiverse!


Hey I've been thinking and Half Life series is a lot about story. Maybe Lambda Gen (If they aren't already doing this!) Should add some more personalization of profiles like having a special extra page on people's profile where you can put, oh idk, fav TF2 class, which Valve game they think is the best, a short made up or not background about them, or their "character", or whatever. Just some stuff like that so that people can find others like them or that like stuff like them or tell funny stories or whatever. I know I didn't explain this well but it was just an idea I got while scrolling through posts. Let's hope staff or something sees this and is able to understand lol...