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-CONTINUATION FROM LAST POST different points in time. "So where IS Wheatley? Get to the point! Wouldn't something THAT technologically advanced be reported and the information be saved? Wouldn't it be studied, or worshipped, or stored somewhere special?" Well my friend, I think it was. Behold: The Eye Of Magnus! (The Eye of Magnus was made thousands of years before the events of Skyrim) Many people have speculated what might be in the eye of magnus, yet there is no definitive answer. I think that it is entirely possible, heck, even likely that he is who is in this magical sphere. This answer not only answered the first question, but also kinda the second. To answer the third question, well we all know Aperture Science. And while we don't know EXACTLY how much that AS technology can take (Damage-wise.), we do know that it can be a whole lot, justified by GLaDOS being able to survive a destroyed facility literally falling on her for a very long, unknown amount of time, and by all of the…


Hey, I've got a theory that I have been thinking about/working on for a while. The theory is showing that the world of Tamriel (Elder Scrolls) and Earth (From the Portal/Half Life series) are in the same universe. To start off, Valve and Bethesda worked on and implemented a mod together into the Steam workshop which enables the player to witness the "Space Core" from Portal falling from the sky and landing near a watchtower. They can then pick up the core and it will talk to them, mostly incoherently mumbling about space. Now, at the end of Portal, basically anyone who's played will know that Wheatley and the Space Core were shot into space at high speeds with no way of stopping. I think that the two cores could have flown through space to or mostly to the world where the events of the Elder Scrolls series takes place. I am sure a lot of you are saying, "Well, where's Wheatley then?" or "How did they travel that far in the first place?" or maybe "Wouldn't they get destroyed on entry in…


Over the past year, I have been working on a Half Life related story, and am looking for some editors/people to read over it. If you are interested and think that you could help, just send me a request via my e-mail. (Note: I probably won't be paying anything, sorry, I'm broke lol. I will most likely only need one or two volunteers.) When it is released I will make another post with a link to buy the book, as some said that they would be interested in reading it. Summary: This is the story of the few survivors of a catastrophic event that occurred in the Black Mesa Research Facility. The story is based off of the video game "Half Life" and takes the perspective of a security guard, a soldier, a Xenian Scientist, a scientist, a janitor, and a mechanic. Email:

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Theory...If the zombies are still alive, then do they shriek in an effort to save your life when they are near? In other words, can they detect that their bodies are moving towards something, and hear someone is near, so they start making all the noise that they can to alert the unfortunate person to the zombie's presence? Just a thought that I got during a playthrough of HL2...