Hello! My name is Wolfcl0ck! I've been a member of the Half-Life community since 2011. I'm a cut content/beta enthusiast and have released several mods/mappacks for the beta.

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This map is called "ghostanim_wheatley" and appears to be a test version of the ending sequence from the singleplayer campaign. Still have the lab boys figuring out how to get this one working, but this is what the actual geo of the level looks like for those interested. What I didn't show in this video is that there's a game_text that displays "end of playtest" on it, so if we get the actual sequence working, I imagine that will be shown at the end of it. Interesting stuff!

This is fizzler_test, a map that I never actually gave any mind even though we've had it from the PS3 (and maybe other places??) for a while. Pretty self explanatory I think.

devtest.bsp makes a return on the switch! This time, we don't have to decompile it to get it running, it works straight out of the build!

The Portal Companion Collection has been released on the Nintendo Switch, and in it are 5 entirely new map files, never before seen! Big day today for cut content enthusiasts like myself!