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More editor improvements: Scalable grid in 2d Improved camera controls in 2d mode Added proper selection rectangle Switching between 3d and 2d toggles object wireframes and rendering textures. Added texture lock feature. Now you can move objects without recalculating UV coordinates every time you update geometry. Map can now be saved, loaded and cleared. And many other smaller improvements, including code optimization.


Making improvements to the actual editor. Not on the level of Hammer, but you can already create some basic level geometry.

Working on the editor. You are now able to select objects and repaint brush faces. Being able to select objects will soon allow me to resize brushes and edit their polygons.

More progress on the editor. Now you can build surfaces from or on top of other surfaces, making rooms.


A long time ago, i had a dream to make a built in map editor. It seemed crazy at the time, but i kept it in the box, until better times. It seems, the better times are now, haha! Btw, don't mind broken UVs, fixed those yesterday. Oh and you won't be able to edit the maps while playing them, unfortunately. They do need to be compiled first. But before i write the compiler - why not have some fun in play mode?

Currently, I'm looking for people who can give me some feedback on these NPCs. Are they fun to fight? What can be improved? Maybe you have a few ideas that you'd like to share? If you could spend a few minutes of your time to test the latest build - that would be much appreciated. You can download it using the link in the description of this video. Also there is the discord invite link. You can use that, youtube comments or comments under this post to share your feedback. Please, let me know wha…

The idiots have finally figured out how to use the SMG grenade launcher, and they're pretty good at using it. Be afraid.

There is now a changelog right in the pause menu. New features, fixed bugs, neat stuff in the latest builds - all is there.

There is now a changelog right in the pause menu. New features, fixed bugs, neat stuff in the latest builds - all is there.

Started tweaking the AI to make it more responsive and aggressive. Don't mind their accuracy, it's really high for testing purposes. Also can you believe we're getting close to 150 videos on this channel?