Finally, the attachments are here and they work exactly as intended! To give you an idea, let's briefly cover how the system evolved over time. The first iteration (early 2020) didn't allow you to modify weapons yourself. You could have a bunch of gun variants with different attachments, but they didn't even have any effect on the gameplay. A year later, the second version of the attachments was being worked on. This time each weapon could have up to 4 slots, and this time, installing a scope or a grenade launcher actually allowed you to use alt fire. But the implementation was very sluggish, and i couldn't even start working on the ui. 2022, just a week ago. I've finished working on a third version of the system. Here's what makes it a major improcement over the last two versions: // installing equipment actually affects weapon stats. Adding stock and a grip will increase weapon's accuracy for example. // Most equipment can be moved. This affects weapon stats too. // Each gun can have up to 7 attachment slots, you could even swap the magazine type to increase the number of rounds. // There's now a weapon preview system that updates the look of your weapon when you install new equipment. Weapon selection icons are updated too. And that's just the things you can notice in this vudeo. Under the hood, the system is pretty easy to work with. Unfortunately, at the moment the choice of equipment is lacking, but stay tuned - there will be more stuff you could play with soon. Until next time.

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