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Valve is much more than a set of games — It's a global community of talented people who create amazing things. From mods to fan art, the Valve community is bursting with creativity.

We created LambdaGeneration to bring people together from around the world who love Valve's games as much as we do - Half-Life, Portal, Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike and more (Ricochet).

LambdaGeneration is a by-fans for-fans community hub, tailored specifically for the Valve fanbase. Creators and fans alike use LambdaGeneration to share and follow news, mod updates, fan art, videos and community content across all Valve’s titles, mods & fan games.


Founded in 2010, LambdaGeneration has grown to become the world’s largest Half-Life & Valve fansite with over 50,000 combined followers and over a million monthly views of our social media content.

Originally launched as a Valve news website, LambdaGeneration has evolved with the Internet, existing in many different mediums, including TwitterYouTube and Discord.

In 2021 we launched the LambdaGeneration Community Platform - The world’s first Valve themed social media platform. With over 8000 members, the site has become the home of Valve news and fan content for Half-Life, Portal, Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike and more.

In 2022 we launched LambdaBuilds - A series of Half-Life and Valve themed level design competitions, in collaboration with ModDB.

Meet the Team



El Presidente

I first played Half-Life when I was just five and it’s shaped pretty much everything I’ve done since.

I have a huge passion for fan communities and their power to bring people together. I created LambdaGeneration in 2010 to share the amazing fan content from around the Valve community.

I spend most of my time designing and programming things. I love the outdoors, sci-fi movies and PC gaming.

90s Electronic


01100011 01110100 01101111

I’m David, longtime Valve fan.

I am the platform’s dev team lead and I also maintain our game servers.

My favorite thing about this community is the sheer amount of creative content that is made by fans, despite the game series being many years old.

This bio was written by GabeGPT.

Portal 2 - Valve’s magnum opus.
Deus Ex series
The Matrix
Metal, future-rock, industrial

Mitch aka Robo

The YouTube Guy

Heya! I'm a professional content creator from The Netherlands who likes to play video games and make videos. In 2017 I decided to marry those two hobbies together alongside my love for cartoony aliens and created Glorious Rigby where I talked about video games!

I’m our Video Lead, producing weekly videos for the LambdaGeneration YouTube channel. I wear many other hats too! Including graphic design, judging competitions, organizing events and help make decisions for the website.

I drink a lot of coffee and eat a lot of pasta while watching cartoons as an adult. Who thought that was ever possible?!

The Netherrealm
Hyper Light Drifter
Hot Fuzz
Daft Punk

Endi aka Westeh

Community manager, art guy

I’m an artist, I’ve been doing art since I was 6 years old. I love to draw cartoon-comic styled art.

I found Half-life when I was five. My dad bought me it for my b’day (Thanks dad! 💝). Haven’t regretted playing ever since.

I’m LambdaGeneration’s community ambassador, fanart curator and resident artist. I’m also the brainstormer in the operation. I’m very active around social media, helping out people when I can, and have a jolly good time!

A chicken-shaped-country 🐔
Deep Rock Galactic
Electro-Swing, Jazz, Video Game OSTs

Special Thanks

  • budget the frog - For our awesome site illustrations
  • SteamGridDB - Community title logos
  • Combine Overwiki - For getting the f*cking dates right
  • Valve & Gearbox - For making the games we love so much
  • Crowbar Collective - For their amazing support (plus that super awesome remake they made)
  • Modders, fan artists and creators - For all the amazing things you make
  • All our users, fans and followers - For the support and keeping us going