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Need some quick help, I'm making the map for Source SDK2013, I got Hammer++, but when I try to run it, it either boots up SDK with nothing, or I get some errors like Player start leaked, and Loadportals: couldn't read map.prt? I can't seem to find any specific tutorials on Hammer++ and source SDK2013, or any easy to understand way to fix these issues, anything pointing me in the right direction would be really appreciated! I'm really new to any map stuff in Source, so I'm a bit of a fish out of water, specially since there doesn't seem to be any recent tutorials for this type of stuff, I just wanna try to make a map for this contest, or just to learn how this works


Just played Element 120, genuinely such a fucking fun mod, wish it was a bit longer, but damn, everything is genuinely so well made and interesting, wish there was a continuation of it or something, great enviroment and storytelling. Any other mods like this or nah?


Can anyone reccommend some mods? I've been in a massive mod mood, can be for any Source game, but I'd rather try out HL ones now. I've played Entropy Zero 1 and 2, Downfall, and Raising The Bar, and I'm about to check out Evacuation.

Been playing Raising the Bar, really, really great project, legit feels like exactly what the Beta would've been like given more time in the oven. Genuinely never been so excited for a mod to be fully finished. *slight question but does anyone know how to increase the FOV in the game? no commands seem to work for me*