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Just in case you forgot about it, HL2VR finally releases on september 16th so get hyped and stay hyped! GO WISHLIST THE MOD NOW!! I am also now a community support/ Moderator for the project so that's cool I guess.


My hl2vr announcement is now the most liked thing on my account. Good, considering this mod has been worked on for about 9 years and the hard work and dedication put into this project by the source vr team has been amazing. Expect more to come from this team in the future. Once they feel happy with hl2 they will work on the episodes. Also hl2 will be reciving some vanilla esc updates to update the low quality brushes and such. The mod can also bring more source games into vr (portal vr anyone?) I am excited to see what work comes from this and to see an engine that is a year older then me pushed to the absolute limits once again.

HL2VR is finally hitting Public Beta NEXT MONTH! After much waiting and praying the source VR team has finally pulled through and delivered HL2 into vr. Much work is still left to do including but not limited to hand poses for weapons, small updates for physics and a few other things that can be found here: halflife2vr.com/news/release-in-… I am excited to see this project finally get released and I cant wait to see people play this mod and experience a clas…


Mid year update on my 2022 predictions Holy shit it was accurate in some spots. Steam deck did in fact release The deck experience has not come to the main client YET but it is possible to run the deck on pc but its a bit jank at the moment. Hl3 strings have not been found in the deckos HL2VR is gearing up for a release Soon(tm) and a select number of people have access (cough, me) Tf2 has been updated this year following #savetf2 but valve really dosent care about it. Ill be curious to see what else happens the eest of the year