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I'm opening a Discord server for my fellow Half-Life, gaming, and modding fans. Come on in, don't be shy! What It's about: Mostly having fun, chatting, talking about Half-Life, our favorite games, modding, fangirling, and keeping you updated for my mods and other work. If you haven't already, go ahead and check out my two mods that look dead but are being updated once in a while!……

I'm back. Sorry for the delay, It's been over three months already and I still haven't posted an update regarding Deep Maroon (Iron Lung inspired mod for Half-Life 1). Development will continue right now, and the next update or possibly a demo version may come out soon. If you haven't already, go and check out my moddb page for Deep Maroon:…


Here's the third iteration for my Iron Lung inspired total-conversion for Half-Life! As you can tell, It differs vastly from the previous prototype iterations. New ModDB page coming soon, so stay tuned!

Part 2 of my Iron Lung total-conversion mod for Half-Life. Every ugly detail in this is made for testing purposes, and everything is subject to change. Made some collision detection and smoothed out the movement of the submarine. Here's a little shoutout to the guys who guessed the game inspiration in the previous post: @skedaddle @goldsrcfreeman @yamstreed

Not accepting OP4 as canon is a crime against us fellow humans and is punishable up to off-world relocation. If you disagree, please contact your nearest Civil Protection Officer for further guidance.


One thing I let slip off my mind is that I've never played tf2, except like twice few years ago. The whole character and gameplay vibe is from funny garry's mod videos such as team fabulous and idiot box. TF2 is literally part of my childhood because of memes and communities, but I've never really played it.