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Today is the only holiday that matters: Half-Life: Decay's release date! To think it's been 21 years since lesbians were invented


Massive L to Valve for not bringing Rosenberg back for Half-Life 2. I think he’d be one of the only people to not only put up with and enjoy Magnusson’s ramblings about his inventions or Mossman going on and on about her love of science and how she wishes she could work with Freeman and the gang in the height of their careers. I bet Rosenberg would tell Mossman all sorts of stories about what it was like and everything, and he’d smile and laugh about the fun they had and how proud they were of their creations and look down in shame thinking about the good friends he lost to their recklessness. Barney would still stick around him a bunch, feeling the need to keep an eye on him and take care of him ever since the Black Mesa Incident, and when Gordon got caught in a harmonic reflux at the start of Half-Life 2, Barney would turn to Rosenberg, desperate for some sort of escape, some way to get him out of there, and Rosenberg would turn to him, hoping he’d have come up with some miracle way …


Here's the instructions for the Mark IV Thermonuclear Device seen Half-Life: Opposing Force that destroys Black Mesa. You have to have a really long stick to press the B button from 55 kilometers away. MANUAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR A: MARK IV THERMONUCLEAR DEVICE This device carries a GRADE C plutonium control detonator. With this device an approximate safe distance of 55 kilometers is recommended. STEP1: Indispose the gravatronic rev limiter to 11. STEP2: Rotate red knob to the on position. STEP3: Press button labeled B.