I'm just a random furry who loves Half-Life and procrastinates too much.

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I made a video comparing the parking garage seen in Half-Life: Opposing Force to the same area as seen in Half-Life: Decay.


Here's the instructions for the Mark IV Thermonuclear Device seen Half-Life: Opposing Force that destroys Black Mesa. You have to have a really long stick to press the B button from 55 kilometers away. MANUAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR A: MARK IV THERMONUCLEAR DEVICE This device carries a GRADE C plutonium control detonator. With this device an approximate safe distance of 55 kilometers is recommended. STEP1: Indispose the gravatronic rev limiter to 11. STEP2: Rotate red knob to the on position. STEP3: Press button labeled B.


Send me Half-Life related images. I'm gonna replace all the paintings in a Minecraft texture pack.

I'm currently planning a comic covering the events of the Black Mesa Incident throughout all 4 games, titled Bad Half-Life, with a namesake somewhat silly style (mostly for the sake of being able to complete it in my lifetime.) However, I'm considering using my usual, cleaner style for some panels, especially more cinematic or serious ones. Do you think I should, and if so, how often?