Lars Dudestein

This is so sad Alexa play Triage at Dawn

Captain Commander

It still would have made so much sense though. Grigori said in HL2- "A Shepard must tend to his flock, even when they have become unruly." so it would make sense the G-Man would plop Adrian into Ravenholm after Grigori was praying for a Shepard. His prayer would have been answered and it would've tied into HL2 nicely.

Elephants Doing Crack

Yeah when I played the HL2 demo when I was little, I thought he was talking about Shephard. I would be like "where is he at?" 😄


Would had been weird to have this called Episode 4 with completely different characters and plot. Assuming this would had came after Episode 3...?

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Or even if they would have still called it Episode 4. Arkane never saw it was an episode but as a "side story." Valve probably saw differently though.


I browse memes to laugh, not to cry 😢


I lose sleep at night thinking about it quite regularly.

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I can't even sleep knowing this was a thing.