Elephants Doing Crack

Elephants Doing Crack


I do a lot of dumb shit and crack. I'm EDC, I make YouTube videos, write stories and I love FPS games. Been playing Half-life since probably 2002 or 2003, don't plan on stopping anytime soon.

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Remember when SiN decided to do Episodic content and moved over into Half-life 2's Source Engine? Funny to see how Half-life 1's competitor from 1998 gave in and REALLY wanted to be like it. That didn't really work out well for them...

Half-life 1's big box finally came in the mail for me! There is more in the post where I show the big box expansions next to HL1 and a big box copy of SiN (which was HL1's competitor at the time in 1998).


Another August 25... been five years now since Epistle 3. Hard to believe. But I usually play a Half-life game on this date now. Half-life Apperication Day or Half-life Day is what I call it. Fourth year now


Hey everyone! After a couple of months into the making, I am posting my Gunman Chronicles review on YouTube. I will even have a special guest at the ending of the video. Hope to see you there!