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Counter-Strike NEO -White Memories-
Counter-Strike NEO -White Memories-

You probably saw that milf Barnette pic. Well, I looked around and found the same image posted on /r/HalfLife, and in the comments there's a "reminder that there is an official Counter-Strike visual novel." Here it is. It's in Japanese of course. And it runs on Flash. Good luck.


What you know about falling down in a pit? When your lab turns to rubble, you can call it Sector Seen When these people talk too much, walk em on this alien booster, yeah I feel like a physicist in FP shooter, ayy

What the [cut] beta HEV logon probably sounded like, as per sentences.txt. I don't think we'd know how it really sounded like i.e how long are the pauses between each part of the sentence, and when this was replaced with the final version. I think the devs couldn't get the timing between each sentence properly and so they ditched this multi-sentence version for the single sentence version we get at retail. Audio created with #sentences101 -…