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Good luck with the neighbourhood watch achievement, you'll need it.


Good luck with the gnome achievement

Test Subject 29

Been trying to 100% both Portal games since I both got them. There’s just one radio that I can never seem to reach, and I failed miserably at all the challenges or advanced chambers. Plus in Portal 2 I have no one to do co-op with, since you kind of need to do it with someone you know personally for it to work.

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Yo I never have a partner either, if you ever need one, check out my Steam Prof and invite me.

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Good luck with one free bullet achievement

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I don't get how to do Black Mesa Decathlon winner. I never take any damage, and just run through but never get the achievement...


you can't quicksave, if you take damage you have to restart from the start of the map (put: map bm_c4a3a1 in the console)

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Reply to Adrian/Kit

OK thanks. I'm pretty sure I quicksaved throughout