Hello GoldSrc mappers! Due to a shortage of team members, the Lambda Team is in desperate need of new mappers. With that out of the way, here's what we're up to. You may join either project, or both, if you wish. -Black Mesa Classic A demake of the Black Mesa game. I do not know much about it. You'll have to join our discord server for more information Half-Life: Hostile Takeover This was an expansion pack developed by 2015 inc. that was supposed to come out in 2000. You would play as a "junior G-Man in training" in a sister facility known as Allied Processing. This was canceled for unknown reasons, and is now being recreated by the Lambda Team, adding new concepts with updated lore, while still keeping the original ideas present in the 2015 inc. version. Join our discord server with the link below, and DM your application to a Server Manager. They should handle the rest. Good luck!


you're on the team, yet you don't know much about one of your projects?

Magic Nipples

I'm getting funny cube flashbacks already


I'm the writer for Hostile Takeover. I do not know what goes on in Black Mesa Classic.

Aug 28

It's pretty much on hold as of right now

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I was told that we need mappers and that's why we can't start the project