VALVE DECKARD SPECULATION TIME Given the recent news that Valve could be making a "consolised PCVR experience", I just can't get my mind of the thought of how is this going to change the industry? For those who aren't keeping up with the leaks and speculation, Brad Lynch (aka, SadlyItsBradley) and his team have been keeping on top of leaks and painting the picture of the "Valve Deckard", which was supposedly a successor to the Valve Index that was capable of running standalone ala Quest 2. Given the leaks of a supplementary console now doing the processing, it's looking less likely that this headset will be able to run VR games by itself. HOWEVER, my speculation proposal is this: This supplementary console, it could very well have a large battery for portable use. Perhaps not as elegant as having everything in the one headset, but separating the actual PC from the headset and making it portable allows for a lot of possibilities beyond just semi-mobile PCVR. If this were just a regular PC, running regular SteamVR, you could theoretically connect ANY headset to it, and effectively turn any non-mobile headset into a mobile headset with powerful PCVR capabilities. Basically, a high-end laptop without a screen, designed to be very user-friendly, and allowing you to play high end VR with any headset anywhere. What are your thoughts/speculation?

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