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New HL Inspired Track up on my Youtube, thought I'd try and create something a bit more similar to my older tracks, hope everyone enjoys.


First time posting here, thought I should start linking my HL Inspired Music. This is only 1 track out of 71 that I have uploaded (A lot of music I know.) I would rather not spam link all of my videos so if you would like to hear the rest I have a playlist which contains all of my HL Inspired Music. Would love to hear feedback!


MODDING PSA: YouTube user "zeNate" has composed dozens of Half-Life inspired tracks that are free to use. These tracks really slap and do an unbelievable job at replicating the vibes of HL1, HL2, and particularly the HL2 episodes. Want custom music for your mod, but don't have the resources for a polished OST? Check out zeNates work!