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The classic Zombie SNPCs pack is getting revamped, which includes the Zombie Panic NPCs! They have been remade from scratch using brand new models, animations, sounds, and bunch of new features!


For any AVP fans here, there is a work in progress Aliens vs. Predator SNPC pack, which will have full NPC controller support that will allow you to basically become a predator! Note that the content in the video is still WIP so there is still couple of glitches!

Added shoving system to the zombies from the No More Room In Hell SNPCs pack! It has a system that attempts to auto detect melee and shoving attacks from other mods! Just like the original game, it includes shoving animations for front, back, left, and right. This is just one of the many additions and improvements that will be coming to the mod!


Early gameplay of the Resistance 2 NPCs! These are still work in progress, so expect missing features and bugs! You may notice ton of new changes and improvements since the last demo, more will be coming in the future! Also for those who are wondering, yes some of the weapons they are firing have bullets that can penetrate through the walls, hence making it difficult to take cover from them! Enjoy and expect more demo videos of this pack soon!

Quick AI demo of Chimera forces from Resistance 2 recreated in Garry's Mod! This includes parasitic and humanoid forces, including their Auger gun which can travel through solid objects. Note that these are very early version, there are many bugs and missing features!