I mod games I've created stuff for Source games like gm_tuxsite, Black Mesa: DeathRun, and Black Mesa: Project Three. Hello Gordon!

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Hey guys, been a while since I've been on here. Optux 2: The Turning is still being developed and will be released in 1-2 weeks. Vance's lead developer and animator joined my Discord server and showed me some stuff from Vance, which was pretty surprising, I didn't expect to get in contact with them. After optux 2 I will be focusing on Beta Evolved and maybe sometime try and continue Vance (I know that sounds impossible but I've overhauled source at this point) expect an actual announcement about The Turning very soon.

I'm really hoping I can get The Turning update out today or tomorrow. I feel like people (Me included) are tired of Optux 2 or any of my mods showing up always because of the news posts, so I'll be taking a small break from updating ModDB pages.


Forgot to ask if it's fine with the LambdaGeneration devs/team to do the logo challenge

I'm thinking about doing a contest in the newest update coming soon for Operation: Tuxxego 2, if someone finds 8 hidden LambdaGeneration Logos gets something (idk what)