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We make VR mods for Source engine games.

Joined 31 Aug 2022

TODAY IS THE DAY!! HL2VR DROPS TODAY!!! Today hl2vr drops so here is what you need to know: 1. The mod is free but you need to own hl2(but you already own that already) 2. the mod does NOT support the episodes 3. The mod supports mods(kind of) mods cannot use custom code. texture replacements and map-based mods do work, however. 4.the mod on launch will go into "public beta" which means expect bugs. we are working on them This is only the beginning of something special, and we cant wait to share in the joy with all of you!


another day, another dollar- i mean key. another day, another key yall know the drill by now we are 2 days out from launch on friday the 2 day early key is below. go use it. NJX40-4YH47-X7D5J


3 days out from launch of HL2VR. here, take this, its dangerous to go alone You received one(1) early hl2vr key! IHQ9R-ZC0XN-N0MEV Official launch is this friday!!