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Huge fan of all things Half-Life, (obviously), played it so much I've beaten it blindfolded! (Banner was drawn by moi!) Check out my instagram!

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This community has been so wonderful for me. I've just gone through an awful breakup, and having a community that I can visit where we're all nerding about my favorite Universe has been such an escape and a relief. Thank you so much to the mods and thank everybody for the content that's brought so many chuckles. Cheers mates, If we make it out of here alive, I owe you all a beer.


I finally, FINALLY did it!!! Months in the works, through a breakup and failing health, oh, and COVID, it has arrived!!! Thank all of you for continuing to be the BEST gaming community out there, and being a darn good group of friends too. I hope to do more in the coming months, but no promises! If you like this, please check out my Instagram, (@scribe_of_pnakotis), and see my other non-Half-Life art! I DO have another Half-Life project in the works, but I want to make sure it'll actually t…

Hey guys! I don't quite understand how the site works yet nor how many people saw my initial post, but I have a pencil sketch I've been trying to ink, and I promised to post it when I finished! Nothing happened to it, it's still intact, but I've had some gnarly medical stuff that's been making me hella shaky, and my pens, as lovely as they are, require zero pressure to put ink onto the paper! In short, every tremor and twitch is CLEARLY visible in my writing and drawing, and I do NOT want to screw up this piece. So it IS getting worked on, but it'll be awhile still. I'm not professional, but I want it to be something I can be proud of! Thank you so much for those who have seen my post and gave positive vibes, I never get any sort of appreciation for my art before I found here. It's restored my confidence in my abilities. Thank you all for that ❤


Hey everyone, I feel like a broken record, but these past few months have been surprisingly difficult and awful. Hence, I have had zero creative drive to post the work I promised I was working on, not that anyone is counting on it. BUT! I have something really cool I am working on that I want to share, but I'm gonna wait until it turns out before I discuss it, just in case it's a complete failure due to some Unforseen Consequences. Stay tuned!

Hey everyone!!! 👋 Just a quick reminder!!! My main art page is on Instagram, @scribe_of_pnakotis On there you can see work in progress pieces and the like, as well as my non-Half-Life related art and projects. I will obviously post completed Half-Life works on here for y'all to enjoy, but for little burts of creativity or writing or nonsense, come check me out on Instagram! Thank all of you again for your support and encouragement, you got me back into my art and I can't thank you all enough!