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I find things i like and post them, but I'll always try to credit things that aren't mine, because I have no talent and it's unlikely anything competently made is mine.

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Your walls

Is splitting accounts on steam a possible option? Me and my brother have shared an account for forever now, but we have run into the problem of being unable to play at the same time while on the same account. We have been playing so long that we have over 100 games and we both want to keep them, or at least split them. Is this possible? Can games be transferred or exchanged or split? or would we just need to make a new account and buy all of the games all over again?

Is the map last stand based off an actual place? If so, where is it? It’s looks like it would be a nice place to hike without all the infected. Also, same question for the passing.

Something I recently noticed about valve games is that their mechanics and gameplay niches are so ingrained into you if you play them long enough you tend to notice them in real life. I call this phenomenon valve sickness, to provide an example, if I play portal enough I start to see “portalable surfaces” everywhere. Any wall that’s colored white that is. Today I heard the squeak of someone’s shoe against the ground, and was the exact pitch and tone of the hunter noise cue from l4d, and suddenly got ready to be pounced for a second. Just something I found interesting.

Shouldn’t there be an edit text function on posts and comments? Something to resolve typos, am I right?