I like most source games. Might post memes or gameplay stuff. I like to play battle engie, soldier, pyro, and medic :)

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I just started playing through l4d2 for the first time (havent played l4d1 cuz l4d2 has the l4d1 campaigns included) and have been enjoying it a lot, i really liked Dead Air and Dark Carnival, i only have to play the last stand and cold stream. Cant wait to see what else l4d2 has instore.

Been playing a bit of the new update, pretty good (aside from saxton hale not working due to vscript issues). All the maps are cool, except venice which is a broken glitchy mess.

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Im really like the GabeGPT stuff, I got a good chuckle out of it. Ill always wonder how you guys got the freeman ai to give such in depth answers to questions.