Even though Unity does not charge you for installations prior to January 1, 2024, as well as for re-installations, demo installations, free game installations (unless they have microtransactions or some other method of monetization) or piracy installations, it is a drag to have to take 20 cents out of your pocket even if it is only once per installation This is a checkmate for developers, since if they plan to sell their game -at least for 1 dollar- or sell their game for free but with monetizations, they will have to pay Unity for each DOWNLOAD Suppose you sell a Unity game for 1 dollar and receive 15 million downloads, you would have to pay 20%, which would be 3 million dollars (unless you sell it at a higher price, then the 20 cents could become almost nothing) In the case of a free game with monetization it would be similar to selling a game for 1 dollar, with the difference that the micropayments/dlcs/packages you should sell them minimum at 1 dollar On the other hand if you decide to sell a game totally free (without monetization) in order not to pay Unity, then let me tell you that by not being able to monetize with the game in any way, you could not generate income from that game Simply Unity being a drag (from the interface all obsolete that even Blender has better interface, to the fact of having to use a separate code editor instead of having its own) Switch to GODOT Engine 🤠👍 I don't get paid for saying this, but it's the best alternative you could have to Unity

Sep 13

It seems a few game devs are seriously thinking of ditching Unity entirely because of this change. And could also see some devs delist their games from stores like Steam because of the potential extra cost to them. This was a huge broken and lack of trust coming from Unity that made a lot of devs go full alert in their current and future projects. I still think they were targeting mobile games, but totally forgot their huge audience that is still desktop lol I hope GODOT gets all the success from now on.

Kevin Z. Vandelay

I wonder what'd happen to The Lab Most probably is nothing, since it's 100% free and has no microtransactions in it