Hi all! Thanks for all the love. ❤️ With the launch of our Multiverse Update, the Half-Life subcommunity is for Half-Life series content only from now on. Posts made prior to today will not be removed or edited - but please use the correct subcommunities for new posts. ⭐️ For suggestions, feedback and updates about the platform, head over to the LambdaGeneration subcommunity:… 🕹 For all things Valve (including generic Source/SFM content) and content about games that are not yet live, head over to the Valve subcommunity:… At this time it's not possible for us to move old posts to the new subcommunities, however we do have a solution planned for the near future. The site is still in beta, with many features to still come. If you have any suggestions or experience any bugs, let us know in the LambdaGeneration subcommunity or on our Discord. Thanks!

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