You are Erick Chekov Decker: A grizzled veteran of the "Robot War" This information, however, is NOT important to the topic at hand. What is important is that it is Halloween, and your roommate and friend are waiting on your to fulfill your promise of joining them at a local Halloween Party. You're the only buster in the whole neighborhood with a full HEV suit, so you better get comfy in it, because when boredom strikes our heroes, a hex afflicts the neighborhood! Wolfcl0ck Halloween 2023 promises a short play time of around 30 minutes to an hour depending on your play style. Fully immerse yourself as a bearer of the curse of a talkative roommate! Excite yourself slightly with the prospect of a reasonably sized experience! Steal candy from children? All this and (probably not) much more in Wolfcl0ck Halloween 2023! Available now on Gamebanana:

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