#supracow lore time! [1/3] So this is a summary of the whole Supra Cow lore, which is basically the same as Half-Life, but with a few differences, and well... Supra Cow games. Basically, if Valve never will release HL3 (which they'll probably won't), you always will have Supra Cow. (which basically makes HL2 non-canon in some endings) Prologue: In 1952, Black Mesa was found between scientific communities as a secret research facility that explores teleporting. Aperture Fixtures was created in 1954 by Cave Johnson (the stupidest person on the world), and got lots of money, a whole military contract by just selling shower curtains. Then, Cave got erection for money, so he buys a whole salt mine and begins to "do science at all costs" and steals everything from BM (reminder, the sc lore is different, i wouldn't tell it y'all this if it was the same) Now "Aperture Science" buys so many scientists, that they literally create the portal gun in 1958. But unlike AS, BM still explored the hostile bridge-world of Xen. Then, somewhere in the 60-s, the "Vorts" have traveled to Xen to hide from the Combine squatting. 90-s: G-Man (he's actually the bad guy in the story) finds out about Earth, and tries to contact Earth, and find it's "true leader" (by that, i mean gordon friedman), not caring about the other people and the consequences of his actions. 2000-s: In 2005, G-Man has a plan - he gives BM that cringe crystal, and says that the mass-spectrometer should work at 105% for the crystal to "work properly". I don't know how they even approved the crystal, ask Gaben. The resonance cascade: Friedman SHOVES THE crystal UP MY A- i meant... uh... so yea, he pushed the crystal into the mass-spectrometer, BM go boom-boom, resonance cascade happened. But right before that, the Supra Cow was in there... for literally 0 reason... y'know it's a cow, and New Mexico is filled with cows and stuff... yea. But then he got locked in there and so he had to escape.

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