Anyone got any tips or know any programs for modeling/animating GoldSrc models? Thanks!


definitely blender, absolutely don't use milkshape3d because it's really outdated and painful to use.

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3DS Max supremacy

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i mean if you're fine with blowing away all your life savings into it, then sure i guess

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If i were you, i would set sail

Krystal the Fox

personally i'd suggest using blender for both purpose. it's a bit difficult to get the hang of it at first but you'll get used to it over time. as for ms3d yes, i hate it too, but imo it's good for a few select things, like porting a model format that blender doesn't have a plugin for to goldsrc.

Apr 19

Blender is quite the pain to learn, but if you master it, it will be really easy to edit models. Personally, i prefer MS3D and use Blender only to animate, but as cam said, you´ll be better off with Blender.