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Been playing a lot of TF2 since I finally decided to play it myself like three weeks ago and during those times, I've almost always wondered why Engi was a defense class and Sniper was a support class 🤔 Especially since Engi definitely provides more supportive abilities than Sniper


Haven't posted anything here for a while and yes, I'm still working on the AU thing and I have been stuck on how to deal with all the chapters because I do not know to make sense of the majority of them Link to the Google Doc here, feel free to reply with any interesting idea ig: tinyurl.com/ez2swap


Is there anyone here who has played HLA on the Oculus? I'm curious about the controls there :O


Wait, I'm actually curious now, how would you guys imagine a scenario like the one where I swapped Aiden and Wilson's roles? May take inspiration from you guys as well since I don't know how to make it make sense :O

(hoping this is not too annoying but) I've actually got a few ideas for my roleswap AU since my first post: - Wilson is a Rebel who joined the Resistance after seeing how the Combine took his loved ones (parents come in mind first) when he was quite young during the Seven Hour War - Aiden is a Personality Core with a crimson pupil and is pretty much meant to be in charge of at least one sector of Arbeit (idk what adjective to give him but I've been thinking of something about being bossy) but at the (pun unintended) core, he pretty much has the same role as Wilson in the base game/mod - Besides the obvious Arbeit Comms. involvement, I've been thinking of still involving Judith as well (with protecting her) but I don't really know what conflict I'd put in since the clone stuff definitely won't make sense with a Rebel 🤔

First post 👋🏼 Anyway idk if anyone here is into these kinds of stuff but since today I've been imagining a scenario where Bad Cop and Wilson switch roles 🤔 Although which is better, do they keep being a Combine/Turret combo or a Rebel/Core combo (personally I like the latter more since I feel like it fits better)?