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I need help to find a scary revenholm video that is like a gmod arg video. This whole thing could be some bizarre dream but I swear this was real and I talked to this with my friend. The video takes place in revenholm chapter where you exit the mines. In the video, the guy who post the video went to the building to left explaining that there is a hidden / secret in said building. So they enter in the building and go to the second far in this hallway with windows to the left. At the end of said hallway there was a door. They were just looking when the door opened when they got close. Behind the door was a dark room. I can't remember what happened but somehow they happened to be inside a dark room and get jumpscared by something. I swear this was real. This is not a joke I swear to god. If you find it, post the link in the comments. If you guys can't find it, then revenholm is the greatest level known to man which is true either way.