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How can I get the „Made it” badge? Or is it too late? Also there was one for Opposing The Bar, which I technically participated it, but I joined the site right AFTER that, so it makes sense that I can't claim that badge.

Probably I'm a little late with this, but strictly speaking it's still Christmas season, so I go ahead. I created a Christmas themed HLDM server (named „Christmas Coralie” in server list) which mostly runs Christmas themed and snowy maps. Yeah, some of them are a bit of a stretch because one only features pine trees those are definitely not Christmas trees, and some of them are just snowy without any Christmas going on; but there are some fun Xmas maps as well. Here is the current mapcycle: ms_xmas_rats_beta penguin_park codename_blueballz simple_xmas_dm creep_xmasitall mario_xmas2 dm_utopium dm_alpestrine veryratsxmas tetrico_navideno creepy_xmas toyshop_rats moab_compo27 sr_xmas iceworld simpsons_xmas_rats lostinxen frozenrats snowbank holidayhell Can you suggest any more maps to add or do you also run or know about any Christmas servers I should check? #hldm #christmas #xmas


Hey fellow Half-Life fans! (λ) I'm totally new to this site though I have no idea how I missed it for the last ten years – so I'm not even sure if such introduction posts are appropriate here (and if I posted it in the wrong place, please correct me). I came across this site several times previously, but #OpposingTheBar was the last straw that finally made me register. I'm into Half-Life since my childhood, back in the 2000s I was even into WorldCraft / Valve Hammer Editor mapping and some HLSDK coding. Unfortunately, I didn't stick to it long enough to master it, but it was fun. Lately I've been running HLDS servers, „Coralie” for HLDM and „Opposing Coralie” for OP4DM+CTF – nice to see people actually playing on them once in a while. Thinking on running more servers, but I haven't decided what games for yet. Besides HL, I also love some more games from that era, like Deus Ex, System Shock 2 and Unreal Tournament. I also love some indie games like Closure, The Swapper, To the Moon, …