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Happy to announce we will finally be starting a new tournament of which people will randomly be paired together, we will start on 11/23 exactly 2 weeks from now. - To enter join the discord server and react to the tournament announcement post with "☑️" - Teams will have 2 weeks to make their posters - Tournament will have multiple rounds - Themes for the tournament will be chosen through theme-dump so we're temporarily opening it for all but if your theme makes no sense you will be blocked from the channel - People will take a few days to vote by reacting with the star emote - Prizes are 50$ each for 1st place, 25$ each for 2nd place, 15$ each for 3rd place. If you have any questions ask me directly in DMs or in the #meta channel


List of essential Source modding tools for creating SFM addons. - Basic vmt editor that comes with a VTF batch script and more, very useful.… - Blender addon that converts your models to Valve SMD and DMX files and vice versa. - Blender addon that also converts models to SMD and DMX files.… - Multipurpose tool you should already have, includes model decompiler/compiler, model viewer, packer, etc.… - OPTIONAL Opens VPK and GCF files found in other Source 1 games… - OPTIONAL Allows you to view VTF file thumbnails without VTFEdit… - basic .qc file to use as a reference.