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Can anyone recommend me a good Half-Life 1 mod? Here is a list of all mods I have in my Steam library right now: Brutal Half-Life HTC Abeyance Clean Half-Life Counter-Life Autonomy Lost Go-Mod Crack-Life Crack-Life: Campaign Mode Half-Life: Echoes Gunman Chronicles Half-Life 2: Classic Half-Life 2: Classic Ravenholm Demo Half-Payne Poke646 Poke646: Vendetta Point of View Yet another PS2 Half-Life port Report One: Upgrade Edition They Hunger Half-Life: Anti-Climax Half-Life: Decay (PC port) Half-Life: Uplink (HL!UL!SL) Half-Life: Decay Solo Mission demo Half-Life: Insecure Demo G-Invasion Half-Life: Crowbar deep in the Dead Demo Residual-Life Half-Life: Uplinked Half-Nuked Half-Life: Zombie Edition Counter-Strike Half-Life: WAR Demo Half-Risen Demo