Black Mesa PR Department
Black Mesa PR Department
Black Mesa PR Department

Black Mesa PR Department


This is the offical Black Mesa PR Department, based in Roswell, New Mexico. Don't mess with the science team and screw Apeture Science.

Joined 24 Jul 2021
Roswell, New Mexico
One Year

Okay, who released all the headcrabs from their containment? To whomever did, report to HR immediately. We lost 3 scientist, 1 HEV suit, and 2 security guards before we got them all back in containment.


To whom it may concern, if you need to make any change to your id card go to HR and they will get you a brand new one. Also everyone is getting a pay raise due to an influx of profits

After a brief reinstall of our server's software (and an upgrade of our systems off of Windows 95) we are back up and running! Expect more Black Mesa content coming your way soon!


Fun Fact, all of our computers run Windows 95. We tried to get management to either upgrade or let us install a different OS but he said we couldn't as "There could be unforeseen consequences to those actions." One of these days we'll convince them to at least get us to Windows 7 if not 10

We at Black Mesa would like to announce that we have launched a NEW product! A 1:12 scale gravity gun model! It will be available with the following retailers: [REDACTED], [REDACTED], [REDACTED], and [REDACTED]. We hope you enjoy the product!