Black Mesa PR Department

Black Mesa PR Department


This is the offical Black Mesa PR Department, based in Roswell, New Mexico. Don't mess with the science team and screw Apeture Science

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Roswell, New Mexico
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Black Mesa PR Department here to announce a new product! Unveiling the model 4 Bullsquid whistle! Make a variety of bullsquid calls like “Mating” (NOT RECOMMENDED), “Food is here”, “I found Sheryl”, and many more! Get them while supplies last and if you’ll get a special crowbar, autographed by Doctor Gordon Freeman, Security Officer Barney Calhoun, Doctor Breen, and Carpal Adrian Shepard!

We at Black Mesa regret to inform you that this account is going to be inactive for a while. The reason being our studies in extra dimensional technologies has had to draw staff away from the PR Department. We hope we can get this account back up and running soon, so please: Stay safe, and carry a crowbar! -Black Mesa PR Team


A message from the head of the PR Department, “To those who followed this account, we give you our thanks. We, here at Black Mesa, appreciate the support against Aperture and award those who did with an offer, an all expenses paid trip to Xen, with you own security staff for 1 week!*” *Black Mesa cannot be held liable for any injury or death that occurs, however if injured we will pay for the medical bill. If death occurs, we will properly compensate you family

Employees of Black Mesa, please be aware Aperture Science has sent in spy bots to gather information about our projects. If you see a camera with wings, please destroy it. Go back to making shower curtains, Aperture.