I absolutely love all Valve things, especially Half-Life 2 Beta. I share my videos and those of my brother Childeric_Bantu. I'll follow everyone who likes my posts. Follow back! :)

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The Lambda Rebel of the Beta Alliance is a Remake of the 2018 version. It's still Half-Life 2, but Enhanced and Brutal like an Action Movie: - There are a lot of new Custom Weapons (with silencers, scopes, lasers etc) - New music to create another feeling, another ambiance - New effects, overlays, equipments (nightvision/infrared, etc) - Slow-motion in some gunfights This is a complete overhaul of Half-Life 2. Like the SMOD, the MMod, Overcharged or even the Cinematic Mod, but made by Childeri…

This video shows what lies outside the boundaries of the Half-Life maps... ... in CS:GO. The music is distorted to emphasize the fact of living a strange experience.

Experience the dark events of Chernobyl and the fall of the USSR like you've never seen them before. Four American agents are appointed to investigate the USSR's nuclear advances... The Soviets had a hard time hiding their shortcomings in the field of atomic research... Worse still, their facilities are in such bad shape that a cataclysm seems inevitable... That's when the unspeakable happens, waking up radioactive hell... Will our heroes get away with it and pass on the information they've obta…

CS:GO x HL2 - All Half-Life 2 Maps in CS:GO I had this project in mind since 2017. Long before finishing CS:GO x HL1. The problem was that a bunch of HL2 maps didn't work, and I struggled to either rework them or find replacements. I've reworked maps through CS:GO's Hammer, and found replacement maps in CS:S, HL2:DM, or GMod... (Read more on YouTube).