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demo_chargallery01 is a zoo or museum map, set in Kleiner's Lab, from 2002. There are plenty of characters and creatures. Every model shows its animations when it's damaged. Some are fun and weird.

CS:S Pre-Alpha - Cut Content - Edit - Fan-Made Trailer 2021 It contains small gameplay clips in which we wanted to show what this version looks like. This alpha version is very bugged, and its development was far from over. The maps were at the time graphically close to those of Counter-Strike 1.6. Fire in the hole, Enjoy!

HL2 Beta is full of interesting little details ... or bugs. In d1_town_01, this red valve produces a weird sound of squeaking. But that's not all, the sound changes, or slows down, when you block it.

This Half-Life 2 trailer was made from our own gameplay footage. The video was made by Childeric_Bantu. We hope you'll enjoy the video as we all love Half-Life 2! It contains several clips inspired by the trailers Valve made in 2003 and 2004.

Half-Life 2 Beta - Cut Content - Edit - Fan-Made Trailer 2021 by AymericTheNightmare This Half-Life 2 Beta trailer was made from gameplay footage I myself recorded in late 2020. It contains several clips that I particularly appreciate. Some moments are cinematic while others are more traditional gameplay oriented. It's a cool little edit, show it to your friends and Cut Content fans from Valve games! (More info in the YouTube description tab.)