My god, I must have entered heaven. Or a hospitalized battlefield, really. No I'm telling you, I joined a Double Cross CTF match that had literally no less 15 Medics. *15 MEDICS*. 7 on my team, 8 on the other. My, it was hecking AMAZING, HELLA FUN. I would take a screenshot (I SHOULD HAVE DAMMIT) but no one stood still and the ONE time we were all gathered dancing Kazotsky, an enemy Medic saw that I had the briefcase and killed me before I could, the prick. He was dressed as the Classic Medic though, really cool. Everyone had some helmet or mask. But you would think we would, like, hangout or something, eh? NO. NEIN. We were battling to the death, you would see masked Medics brandishing Ubersaws and freaking RUNNING to your face, you would see an Uberchain falling to the rails bellow and going for the intel. Idk man, there's nothing better than ubering your fellow Battle-ish Medic after so much focusing on the "big arms" classes, it felt like the match was all ours. The. Most. Fun. I've had. In a while. My genuine reaction upon seeing a "colleague" infested server was honestly a "Mein GOTT" and a mad grin. Boy. Best thing for a Medic main.

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