Subject: New Discovery Re: PHILIP SIMMONS Dr. Simmons, it has come to my attention that you have been investigating the language of both the Xen species “Vortigaunts” and the Race X species “Shock Troopers”. During your research you have translated the “Shock Troopers” almost flawlessly. The progress on the Vortigaunts, however, seems to be taking far longer than expected. Although this is disappointing, I suggest we leave this study for another time. We have several big experiments approaching and I would like you to focus on more pressing maters. The last matter I like to address is the issue of the what the “Shock troopers” speak of. Your study seems to suggest that they are aware of a larger presence the are under the rule of. For example, your study in last March reveals that some dialect was very disturbing. A quote from the study: “The species seemed to be in an agitated state when speaking of the previously mentioned sort of god like entity or entities. From my research last year I translated that the were under the rule of some sort of giant colossal being. This has been proven wrong with my new study suggesting it’s more of an organized group of beings…” So like I previously stayed this is very disturbing to think such a power exists. Please revise your study and correct this because no power can exist or rather be known in this facility. Sincerely Dr. Breen.

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