Hello again MPS! Long time no see! I just wanna say nice Half-Life: Insecure development images you posted! Btw, I have questions to ask. 1. You think Half-Life: Insecure final version will be released this year? 2. Are you using Valve Hammer Editor or J.A.C.K.? If you are using Valve Hammer Editor and not J.A.C.K., why? 3. Will there be new enemies and weapons to see in HL: Insecure? 4. Chapter 6 is the xen chapter, and will you return to Black Mesa after the xen chapter or the mod will end after the xen chapter? 5. Will there be more places to revisit from Half-Life, Opposing Force, Blue Shift, or Decay?

Apr 3

Hi there orangekid05, thank your for the comment! Really appreciated it. 1. I've recently started working on the mod after a break, so not sure when the final version will be out. 2. I use both editors for specific needs but primarily use Valve Hammer Editor because i'm more familiar with the hotkeys. 3. Not gonna spoil it, so stay tuned in the next development update since a lot has changed. 4. Probably the second will be the most likely ending, but we will see. 5. Most likely but at the end of the mod.