CALLING ALL EPISTLE 3 FANS !!! I, along with several other veterans of the Garry's Mod community, have come together to establish a de-centralized group we have called Gmod: Classic. It's our goal to recreate the golden-age of 2000's nostalgia regarding not just Garry's Mod, but Source multiplayer as a whole. We have many plans for the future regarding this vision, but before we get too ambitious, we have decided to start small and niche in order to cultivate a passionate audience. Our first server is a Half-Life 3-themed Garry's Mod Roleplay! The atmosphere and story we have crafted are heavily influenced by the unofficial Half-Life works by former head-writer of the series Marc Laidlaw, that being Epistle 3 and Breengrub. We have also pulled from the leaks of not just the unreleased HL2: Episode 3, but also that of the HL2: Beta concepts revealed in Raising the Bar, and the Half-Life 2 leaks, as well! Our Roleplay follows the structure of the Serious Roleplay niche, meaning our community sticks to a set of guidelines to maintain a genuine storytelling experience. We have less rules than most, but our regulars will still expect new players to make an honest attempt to stay in-character and true to the lore. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of Serious Roleplay, feel free to ask questions after you've joined and went through our Discord's simple vetting process! The server launches this weekend, just in time for Halloween! We are running several large-scale events over the next few days, and welcome anyone interested in helping us craft real-time cooperative stories built off of unreleased Half-Life 3 concepts and themes! Thank you for reading, and we hope to see you soon at Garry's Mod: Classic! Our Discord:

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