to celebrate the release of HL2VR: Ep2, here is the oldest video of Half-Life 2 VR that I could find. This video is 10 years old. Hard to believe that it took this long to finish the whole series but here we are.


whats coming next? source vr mods? or are you just going to keep updating the games

Source VR Mod Team

we dont know yet. Right now, a couple devs are working on the 3.0 branch, most of them are just maintaining the code base, some of them went back to personal projects. PortalVR is possible but we are waiting Valve to give us the permission to release it.

Reply to Source VR Mod Team

i would be so so very happy if portalvr came out, but do you know about more complicated games? like is portal 2 vr not currently possible cause its a newer engine and if not is csgo vr possible?


wait! this project is that old?