Do you think the G-man is known about by the rebels? Like, as an urban legend of a blue-suited man whose presence foreshadows terrible things?


The only resistance members we know of who know of G-man (not including Gordon) are Eli, Alyx, and Odessa

Normal Headcrab

The vortiguants seem to know, and Odessa is seen talking to him, boxcar Jim and his vortiguant friend are watching him on tv. Then Eli and Alyx are aware

May 19

There's a vort watching gman on the TV with another rebel in a boxcar at the start of the game. You also see gman talking with Odessa once, with other rebels just kinda wandering around, but thats about it. So, maybe? They probably know of his existence, but not the fact he's a time-bending space tax collector

May 9

It depends on how talkative the resistance are about ongoing events that happen to them individually, but it's likely at least a 'myth' of sorts among them that no-one can confirm because the G-Man is something you can't just prove to someone. I'd also mention the whole 'you can run into him in game so that means he probably just exists as his own thing thus making his existence knowledgeable more likely' but like...I'm 90% all g-man sightings are either him popping in to say 'Hi' to ol' Gordito Supreme and to keep an eye on him to make sure everything's going to plan, or Gordon tripping out thanks to lack of sleep for (to him) three days and the entire PTSD bundle that Black Mesa was. And the morphine. That too. TL;DR: He probably is considered a myth of some kind to them, yeah.