Ello Lads. This is my first post on LambaGen (exciting, I know!). I´m Aaron, I´m 15 and I want to mod for Source, but probably not in the way you´re expecting... I already know how to ""mod"" for Source (as in I know how to use hammer and add your own code to source, create your own campaigns `n such.) So what I´d actually like to do is HELP with a mod. I´d just like to be part of a team... Now... I know what literally every single mod developer that reads this is thinking: "Oh great, a 15 year old who thinks he´s so amazing, we don´t need any more of your sort!" And I get it, that still doesn´t change that I´d like to work in this community... In case anyone is willing to accept this, here are my "Areas of expertise" (you know what I mean, right?): - Modelling using Blender & Substance Painter - Level Creation using Hammer - Programming (I know how to, but I would NOT recommend myself here) Thank you for taking your time and reading through this :) Have a lovely day, Aaron Edit: I do NOT expect, and I do not want payment for my work.

Jan 16

Id'love to participate on a mod project for this community too But I still think i'm not good enough, I need to learn many things and get better in 3D modeling ... I really hope you'll find what you're looking for ! :) If you want to appeal mod makers, you should show them some work that you made ! It's really important to have a portfolio ! ^^

[S҉W҉E] ҉҉P҉ans҉aR

Maybe clarify to them if you would like to get paid or not

Aaron Beardless

Oh, yeah, I didn´t even think of that, Thanks, I´ll edit it right away :D

Brushwork Entertainment

Hey Aaron, Hit me up on discord! HEISENBERG#0592 In my profile on Lambdagen you can see some stuff we're working on. Have a great day!