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White Forest Inn.

please I still need help with gmod graphic settings not saving on the 64 branch, this shit is fucking annoying to wait 15 minutes every time I boot up a map, also I cant change it in the menu or unless it will give me the client 0 error I hate this engine sometimes.


can someone help me figure out what causes the barnacle to be this unholy creature? the HLS is fine-ish but got replaced by what I THINK this model is

My gmod graphics wont save, in the menu they are the default/recomended (high textures + disabled motion blur) but in game they are medium and enabled motion blur, anyone know how to fix?

Can anyone help me find this sfm? A while ago, maybe a year ago I watched this l4d2 weapon sfm, it was coach and he reloaded by doing some swipe thing, and thats all I can remember.