[CERI status update post!] (first profile post!) read the whole thing please This post will address the future plans of my project CERI and how i estimate the time with the current pace of it!, so strap in your gravity guns, portal guns, and just guns too please, i have a lot to talk about CERI's discord server was public around 2021, but the project didn't really start off until late 2022 and now really kicking in with making an entire new layout for the underground facility in which the minecraft server will take place in!, I call this Phase 1, the building phase of CERI's facility, by now many who follow me know that my project aims more for just a minecraft map, we plan to make everything functional and as complicated and player dependent as possible, have less people online on CERI in the future, the more work there is to do!, the facility will be built to be a complicated wonderful mess of technology, that's phase 2, the command blockery!, I will have to catch up on some command block knowledge for myself there :< anyhow!, Phase 2 will not come anytime soon so for now phase 1 is the phase CERI is stuck in, we're still looking for skilled builders and more people passionate about portal 2 & black mesa / black mesa blue shift, or just people who are really good at building undergrond facilities in minecraft!, do reach out to me on discord, my username is akjackhd no cap letters, or join CERI's discord via the linked invite on my profile!, i wish everyone who read this a wonderful day/night and i apricate the interest in this project, if you got any questions ASK away :3

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