This project is, as its name suggests, the assembly of the few leftover videos. I wouldn't say those clips are messed up, but I didn't like them enough to be in the real edit. But I gave these rushes a second life, modifying them a bit, let's say I did a new, pretty cool edit. Here is a non-exhaustive summary of what this video contains: - Some slow motion Metropolice kills, - Alyx messing up her script in the Depot, - I managed to take G-Man's TV (the one with Radio1.wav music) and go with it, - I tried to escape the card d3_c17_08 with the strange red box (the one that seems to come from HL2 Beta), - I filmed Barney fighting Zombies (in the Sniper's area) - I analyzed the weird behavior of Combine Soldiers when there is no enemy, - I headed for an unknown world, in another universe, as a matter of fact...

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