Hey everyone, hope you all are doing well. Recently, I got a new computer (about damn time), and its A LOT better than what I imagine. If your curious, here are the Specs: -RTX 3060 12GB Gigabyte Graphics Card -4 Sticks of DDR4 Memory (64gbs in total) -Intel Core i5-12400F Hexacore -1tb nVME drive (a lot faster then traditional SSDs.) So, what are my plans for SFM, you might ask yourself? Well, honestly, SFM is...really, *really* old. Like- Not even updated since 2015. yikes, lmao. So, my plans are to migrate AWAY from SFM to Either; Counter-Strike 2’s SFM, Blender, or, hell, even both! Basically; Source 2 Filmmaker is just 10x better than the OG SFM. How so? -Better Optimization -Unlimited Ram (instead of your ram maxing out at 3gigs, resulting in a massive performance increase). -Doesn’t have to rely on your CPU anymore -Better Materials(wow such realism) -Does NOT have to rely on doing SMD model exports, meaning you have a lot more model import choices. -Say goodbye to vtf files, cause they’re obsolete. ^w^ Also, along with this new pc I have, I will be Streaming Exclusively on Twitch to play some games of which I couldn’t play before, such as Modern COD games and whatnot. So, to celebrate my leaving of SFM, I have decided to remake 5 popular Artworks i have made through out the years, with remakes that look absolutely 10x better than before(because my old pc was uh, junk to say the least). Anyhow, that’s all I have for this post I made, so, if your interested, follow my twitch and youtube below, and I’ll see you all later. Peace. -Vander. Links Twitch: Youtube: ( thanks dad for the gift! :3 )

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